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anxiety is not cured by forcing a person into the situation that makes them anxious

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A stack of tsourekia. There are two more that are wrapped up in baskets for my grandparents. I can’t eat all of this.



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A short video of the central market and some of the bars and restaurants on gouger st. Some of my workmates are in this and it’s very very exciting :P

First one out of the oven.

Last night mum and I stayed up well past midnight mixing dough, kneading, and braiding tsoureki. Hers are all a bit misshapen but it was the best night.


Aman Yiala - various artists

i love these “Greek Turkish Shared Musics” that ppl upload

My whole house smells wonderful. Like incense, yeast, mastixa and mahlepi. Plus that faint smell of vanilla, coffee and marshmallows.


A ‘Large medallion’ uzbek Suzani, Bukhara, Uzbekistan, first half 19th century. From a French private collection, Estimate price on auction £20.000-30.000




also I’m a bit curious about this. why do some Greeks from Anatolia still have surnames with “-oglou” or “-li”. They can (could) change them, right?

Well my grandma’s name ends in -lis and her family are from…

I’m not really adding anything here, just linking to an old article that quite nicely summarises what Kosta’s said. Forgive me for linking like this, it’s 3am and I’m on my mobile.

The surnames bit is the most interesting. Id like to know if women still follow the ‘rules’ listed here regarding changing their names upon marriage. The article has been updated but the practices it lists are still so very different from anything I’ve seen here in Australia.





You know, my homie and secret best friend Neil deGrasse Tyson said it best….


This isn’t an issue of belief or should even be up for discussion. It’s not a debate- like gravity or that the Earth revolves around the Sun isn’t up for debate. It’s a fact, whether or not you like it. Sorry bro.

And any ‘educated fuck’ knows that vaccines are necessary and everyone who can have them should have them.

Have a lovely day, sugar. 

Actually there’s a lot of research and knowledge supporting the fact that vaccines are NOT necessary. It is simply another thing that today’s health system is super big on, just like hospital births and c-sections. And a lot of people actually have long term and short term complications from getting vaccines. Ahem.

Dang guys, you thought I didn’t check my activity log every now and then? Because I knew shit like this would pop up. And, I just finished my block exam and am feeling fiesty.

Actually you’re wrong. That ‘research’ is either completely fabricated OR grossly misinterprets the data OR uses shitty research techniques to get the data they want- all which are grossly unethical, in case you’re curious. I’ve got slides from a recent lecture on vaccines (aka why I am so fired up about this nonsense). You can check out the citations on each slide if you don’t believe me… something unsurprisingly missing from literally every anti-vaccine comment I’ve gotten and website that I have visited. Show me your sources, honey, and if you do, I will blow them out of the water because not a single one stands up to current scientific research standards.

There are however tomes and tomes of research for the safety end efficacy of vaccines. Don’t believe me? Look at a simple google scholar search.

So! Here we go! 



Holy shit, it’s almost like vaccines SAVE SOCIETY MONEY. In fact, they give money back to society, along with the other programs indicated by red arrows. Which would be really weird for something that is just a healthcare fad like c-sections and hospital births.

And most people have no complications for getting vaccines, and if they do, most of them are short term. In fact, it is devilishly hard to prove an adverse effect was because of a vaccine. Why? Because it’s how we’re wired. We falsely see connections and causes where there are none (called a type 1 error; you are rejecting a true null hypothesis). People are more likely to attribute an adverse health event to a shot- even if that shot is the placebo and the numbers are just the background rate for whatever health event in the population.


And here is a graph showing the sample sizes necessary to prove that an adverse event is caused or related to a vaccine.


You know what, it was a really good lecture and I’m going to share more more relevant slides in case any one else feels like contradicting me.

These slides show the public health impact of vaccines. Note the differences between the historical peak and post-vaccine era deaths columns. Because saving literally thousands of lives is totally a conspiracy you should beware of.



And this is why herd immunity is so important! See how high it has to be for measles? Guess what we’re seeing outbreaks of thanks to anti-vaxxers? Don’t forget that one of the deadly complications of measles is SSPE.


Look how Hepatitis A infections in older adults when down after kids started getting immunized. Shocking! Could vaccines be… good for …. everyone????



Step two make yeasty milk.

Also I found somewhere that sells my favourite kind of olive. I’m so happy tonight.

I didn’t have enough mahlepi. So I went on a last minute Easter shopping dash.